Monday, January 27, 2014

We had an AWESOME rehearsal last week!!  We blocked the first half of the play.  A gigantic GOLD STAR on everyone's forehead who participated in that rehearsal. We are So proud of what we accomplished!!  WOO HOO

Let's talk about rehearsal this week!! ALL Thursday rehearsals will be from 3:15-5:30 from now on...

NO ORPHANS this week
We are blocking pages 20-39 but we will not need any orphans.  Only the cast members listed below!
IF YOU ARE LISTED BELOW YOU MUST BE MEMORIZED!!! It is extremely hard to block if you are not memorized.... Try hard to get these lines learned by Thurs!!!
Cast members needed:
Miss Hannigan
Lt. Ward
Burt Healy
Boylyn Sisters

Everyone in both casts will be at this rehearsal 

    Let's talk about   
Teresa and I didn't expect such a run on tickets!! WOWEE KAZOWEE!!  
I first would like to say alay ANY rumors going around that we are going to add additional shows or add additional dates. This is not true.  It is simply not going to happen. 

Teresa and I had originally wanted to keep the curtain closed during the performances, to have a more intimate setting, but it is very apparent that we need to open it up and add additional seating.  So, as of today on all 6 nights, we will be adding an additional 75 seats.  This is three more rows.

We are hoping this will accommodate all cast families who have yet to purchase their tickets.
With this said, I would like to be very clear, EVERY SINGLE TICKET PURCHASED IS A PHENOMENAL SEAT.  Our new sound system will make it a beautiful experience no matter where you sit...  Please do not feel jipped or ripped off if you are in the gym area.  It will be an amazing experience no matter where your seats are.

I had always envisioned around 200 seats per night, and our ticket sales have forced us to make that our total.  If the demand for even more seats is needed, we will open up a few more rows, but only if demand dictates. 
Those of you who have purchased tickets on row F on any evening, your tickets have not been printed yet.  I have written down who has purchased these seats and will contact you when the tickets are printed and in my classroom.

Can I just say how amazing our parents are!! I mean, REALLY amazing!!!!  I have directed for years and have never had such a phenomenal experience with parents willing to help with a production.  I really love all of our LPA families... Yet another reason why I work at this school.!!!

An awesome and amazing parent came in this weekend and built us two of our three orphan beds and attached part of our fireplace to the mansion wall.  THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!!

We also had several parents show up Saturday evening to help prime and paint what sets we had available.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED DO THAT!!!
Our artist, Sara MacFarlane is coming in this week to begin working her magic on our sets.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible for her to begin working on these pieces.

We are closer and closer to opening night!!  I get butterflies just thinking about it!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Annie Tickets go on sale FOR CAST ONLY Tomorrow, Thursday, January 23 2014.

Cast A Show Dates:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
March 10, 12 and 14

Cast B Show Dates
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
March 11, 13, and 15

Ticket Sales Hours:  THURSDAYS ONLY
Jules Music Room 2:15-3:00
Stage: Area 3:00-5:30

Tickets for sale for Legacy Preparatory, both campuses... FEBRUARY 20th, 2 weeks before show opens.

I have made a mistake somewhere on a blog or facebook post or email regarding costumes!!

There is much confusion over when the costumes are due... They are due the first week of February at rehearsal!!  February 6th...

Also, let me explain how Teresa and I organized our ticket sales....

Below are a few things you should know about seating / ticket sales for Annie.......
I have attached a picture of our seating arrangement for our production.. 
Every night will be "reserved seating"...   
You will choose your exact row and seat.  
There are no comp tickets (for those of you who have asked)
All tickets are $3.00.  No Family discounts.. $3.00 for every seat purchased.
We will not be keeping track of who buys the tickets.  Instead we will cross off the specific seat showing it is sold.  
Once the tickets are out of my hands and into yours or your families, it is up to you to keep track of those tickets. 
Neither Teresa nor I will have proof of who purchased what seats...  Only an X on the seating chart for each specific night.
Does this make sense?? 

If after the above information you still want to send money with your child and have them choose your seats and buy your Annie tickets, then awesome!!  I just wanted to be very clear that all sales are final as we will have no record of your purchase.

Guys, this show is going so well.  Our kids are literally the greatest kids on Earth.  Teresa and I were just speaking today about how much we love your children and adore working with them on this production.    I can't believe we open in a few short weeks!! WHOA!!! That seems so quick!!!

Have a wonderful rest of your evening!!

xoxo Jules and Teresa

Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 23

We will be reviewing and blocking pages 1-20 in the script!!!

I sure hope your three day weekend was fun!

The time has come to block the entire play!! Our music and choreography is completely learned (except our finale, Tomorrow Reprise)...Our kids have worked so hard to accomplish this!!

Because I am not sure how quickly we will be moving through the script, I will be emailing, posting on the blog and Facebooking our rehearsal schedules weekly until we are blocked.

PLEASE check the blog each weekend to see what is coming up the following Thursday. 
I love this stage of rehearsals.. This where our show comes together!!  Props are going to start rollin' in... Sets will be assembled and painted in the next few weeks..... It's all so exciting!!!

Thursday we will be blocking and reviewing pages 1-20......
Please encourage your kids to read through their script as many times as possible.. 
Blocking goes much faster if the cast is memorized.  
Thanks for your help with this... 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blocking on stage the song MAYBE


We had a FANTASTIC rehearsal this past Thursday! This practice included all members of both casts.  Miss Jules, Miss Erin, Nikki our producer, and I wereblown away by how well they did! We were sure most of the time would be spent reviewing choreography forgotten over the long break, but our wonderful students practiced during their time off and came back ready to go! Students were also inspired by watching one another. Our NYC characters had never had a chance to see Rooster, Lily, and Miss Hannigan do Easy Street…a true show stopper. The orphans got to show off their amazing work in Hard Knock Life and Never Fully Dressed  Without a Smile, and NYC, the most complicated number by far, had us standing and cheering. I can’t tell you how much we enjoy working with these talented, dedicated kids – you are going to be so proud of them!

Here are a few items we reviewed at our Parent Meeting:


We would also like to extend a big thanks to all of you parents for attending our meeting and signing up to help. We simply cannot do the show without you. Nikki, our Producer, is doing a great job coordinating all of the volunteer efforts and Hope Taft was kind enough to create two lists for us on Sign-up Genius. 

The first one is for HELPING us get the production ready.  Volunteer opportunities such as donating concessions, helping paint or build the set, ushering, etc.  Here is our "helpers" link: 

The second is link for the props we need for our production.  If you have any of these lying around or want to help track these down, please sign up for our props!!

 If you haven’t signed up to help with the production yet, please do so – we need you! J


We were able to move some set pieces out of the school’s storage unit on Saturday and we should have the rest of it transferred by Friday. Woot woot! Things are starting to come together!


Please check the blog for details on performance dates and buying tickets. It was announced in our parent meeting last Thursday that tickets will be reserved seating and limited to 130 tickets per night as we will not be opening the large accordion doors to the gym area (this will make audience experience much more enjoyable!). Beginning January 23, tickets will be available for purchase at every Annie rehearsal. We are opening them to Annie cast only at this point. Beginning February 20, tickets will be available school-wide every day in the music room from 8:00 - 9:15 and from 2:15 to 3:00 in addition to Thursday rehearsals.


Remember costumes are due January 24. Students should bring them to rehearsal for approval. Some students have expressed an interest in renting their costume. This is NOT required, but if you would like to go this route, Centerpoint Legacy Theater in Centerville rents costumes at --reasonable rates. The general number at the theater is 801-298-1302. Ask for Jenny in the Costume Rental Department to set up a time. Please send us an email if you have any questions about your child’s costumes.

Please remember that all cast members should have their lines memorized by January 23.

Thanks again for your support. It’s going to be a great show!

Friday, January 10, 2014


Thanks to everyone who attended our parent meeting.  We discussed many things which I will detail in another blogpost on Sunday or Monday!!

THIS post is to list ALL of the volunteer opportunities available to you as cast parents, to help get our show up and running!!!  Go ahead and sign up for a one, two or three things if you wish!!  Everything counts towards volunteer hours, even donating water and candy to the concessions booth!!

We appreciate all you have done, are doing and will do to help make this production amazing!!

Some of you signed up at the meeting for stuff... You are listed below in a message I received from Hope Taft.  She was the amazing parent (and my dear friend) who entered all of these needs into sign up genius.. THANKS HOPE!!!

If you signed up at the meeting PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND ADD YOURSELF INTO THE SIGNUP GENIUS YOURSELF!!!!  We can't add the people to the list, you have to do that yourselves.

all Parents, please read the message after this link.  It may pertain to "you"!!

Thanks Again Everyone!!

(message from Hop)
Below are the names of the volunteers who at the parent meeting signed up to help but did not give their phone number/email.  If you have a way to contact them (I do, this blog ha ha), you may want to reach out and confirm whether or not they are still willing to do what they said last night they’d do, and encourage them to visit signupgenius so we have a record of what they’re doing.  (this is me encouraging you to visit signup genius!!)
(Keep in mind that some of the handwriting was difficult to read, so I had to simply guess on the spelling of some of the names)

·         Susie Oak: concessions on 3/10
·         Anne Higgisbotham: concessions on 3/10
·         Jen Smith: usher on 3/10, 3/13, 3/14, and 3/15
·         Jeff Smith: usher on 3/10, 3/13, 3/14, and 3/15
·         Patric D.: usher on 3/10
·         Sayla Silos: usher on 3/10 and usher on 3/12
·         JoAnn Hatch: concessions on 3/11
·         Donna Winkler: concessions on 3/11
·         Julio Campos: concessions on 3/11
·         Brooke Miller: usher on 3/14
·         Jamie Harper: usher on 3/13
·         Anne-Marie Bishop: concessions on 3/11 and 3/13

The following people I wasn’t able to add to SignUpGenius, but I did send them a text asking them to do so.  However, some did not reply and it could be because some of these numbers may not be capable of receiving text messages.

·         Rita Orona 801-xxx-1054: concessions on 3/11 and 3/12, and donating water and candy
·         Tina Peterson 775-xxx-2217: ushering on 3/12 and donating water & candy
·         Teresa Taylor 801-xxx-9485: ushering 3/11 and donating water & candy
·         Janalee Carman 801-xxx-2267: concessions on 3/13 and donating water & candy
·         Kevin Staples 801-xxx-0736: ushering on 3/15
·         Marci Erickson 801-xxx-6041: ushering on 3/15
·         Natalie Pehrson 801-xxx-3628: concessions on 3/10 and ushering on 3/12
·         Priscilla Elzares 801-xxx-8019: concessions on 3/12
·         Patrice Laurene 801-xxx-2626: concessions on 3/12
·         Maddie Wariner 801-xxx-1351: concessions on 3/12 and 3/14
·         Jodie Stratford 801-xxx-0281: concessions on 3/14
·         Tibi Hoge 801-xxx-7151: concessions on 3/14
·         Janene Wirthlin 801-xxx-5434: ushering on 3/13

Monday, January 6, 2014

REHEARSAL Thursday, January 9, 2013
3:15-5:15  EVERYONE to rehearsal!! (please send food!!)
We will be reviewing ALL songs that have been choreographed thus far....

5:15  Mandatory PARENT MEETING!!  This will be "short and sweet". 

Thanks everyone!! See ya on Thursday!!!

Rehearsal January 16th... I will be out of town. 
3:15-5:30   ANNIE and ORPHANS only.... 
Teresa Watts is blocking Annie today!!