Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wow...  What an AMAZING run!!!  I am still in shock!!!  This was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had as a director. I cannot believe what your children were able to deliver on stage with their acting and vocals!!!  I CANNOT wait to see the DVD's so I can watch both casts and see what the audience saw!!  Tears as I type this.. I have loved directing your children in this production.... It exceeded all my expectations... I hope you were equally as blown away as I was...  

Few things....

DVD Orders
It is not too late to order.. If you still want to order a DVD please bring in your cash, check or use PayPal (steps listed in prior post).  I will close out orders by Monday NEXT week, March 24th... One week left.  I ordered one for the school, and myself personally... Cannot wait to see it!!
Just in case I don't have everyone listed, please respond shoot me an email privately and let me know if you ordered a DVD, how many you ordered and how you paid... Cash, Check or PayPal..  
Jason is ridiculous!!  He said to me on closing night, "I want you to know that I filmed for "every" parent and cast member... I didn't just focus on your six leads in every scene.  I wanted every parent who orders a DVD feel like their child was represented".  He had a camera on stage attached to my floor mic,
he had a camera in front of the sound booth plus he was filming on another camera.  He is SO excited to edit our DVD.  I literally cannot wait to see what he delivers.. You will not be disappointed!!

Cast Party
There will be an individual cast party for each cast.  Same day, one after the other one.. Haven't chosen the date yet...  On an upcoming Saturday. I would like to show the cast their video, so, it will center around the release of our DVD... Teresa and I have decided on having it at the school on the stage... It will be a potluck, so, every child please bring something... More Details To Follow (check the blog)

Props and Costumes
I am actually at the school now cleaning up my room and stage, putting the props together, and organizing the costumes...

I will be taking pictures of what I have and posting it on the blog so you can see what I have left over...

RED DRESSES for my boylyn sisters.  Sarah Woolston and Emerald Haycock, please return those dresses to me in the music room
ANNIE DRESS and RED WIG.. I have "one" wig and "one" dress returned.. i think it is Breanna's?? Is it Ainsley who still needs to return hers??
MISSING PAJAMAS  If you have any of those beautiful orphan night gowns, please return them to the music room.


I have a TON of clothing which was left in my room, in the bathroom, in and around the stage..Rather then put it in a lost and found in a red and blue costco box in my room, marked Annie.  It is sitting in front of the smart board... There are shoes, skorts, pants, shirts, sweaters, socks, etc... a pink folder.  Too many to email each of you directly.  If you have emailed me looking for things, please come rummage through it... Next Friday March 21st all contents will be put in the lost and found...

Again, check the blog for props that have been left... I have two flashlights (Mr. Welsh, unfortunately one of the flashlights is missing something inside of the lightbulb part.  Don't ask me what child took it apart then  assembled it without all parts.. Let me know if you need me to replace this.. I feel sick about it!!! 
Here is what is left on the tables as of now:
Basket that the apples were in
Plastic apples
3 silver platters
Pillows- Falanchi and Laurence I see your names on one pillow each... (Kyra Dunshee donated tons of old pillows, but, I want to make sure no one else left pillows that need to be returned)
Green scarf used on Warbucks
Wheel Chair (Wirthlin's.  Thank you so much for allowing me to use this for Gabrielle while she was recovering.  I appreciate it more then you will know)
Red Usherette Cap
Black/Grey newsie's hat
Purple Scarf
Red Table Cloth (Hope this is yours)
Table (Hope this is yours)
Awesome flower thing for the Break-a-Leg booth (Hope do you want this back?)
White Lamp (Natalie Pehrson.  This will be in my room, come grab it on Monday)
Yellow tattered teddy bear (anyone claim this or want it back?? if not, I'll keep it for future shows)
Red and Gold winter small santa looking bag
Black/Pink Dog Leash
Dog Noses - fits on the face, over the ears... I'm sorry but one of the elastics broke... It will be an easy fix if you have elastic... Thanks for letting us use it..
Sheets and Bedding... I'm taking everything home to wash them this weekend...(some are the schools)... Did anyone else bring blankets or sheets besides me?
Padding that went on our beds, like a bed roll?? I don't know what it's called.  Yellow Foam that makes a bed more comfy, a couple of these (Wirthlin's your name is on one... Did you bring the other egg shell pad also)
Tie-child's clip on: Dark blue with aquamarine polka dots
White Silk looking Dress shirt... This is not in the lost and found because it looks like it was rented.. It is a button down girls shirt with pretty circular buttons

That's about it for now... I will email or update the blog if I find anything else lying around or if I need to communicate anything further..

Thanks again my friends.. I feel so much closer to not only my students, but to you parents... I love you all!!  Thanks for letting me love, yell at, direct, hug, encourage and play with your children!!!

xoxo Jules

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Before I launch into what is going on this week, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone who has helped put together this amazing production.  Teresa and Greg Watts, Aaron Wilcox, Nikki  Nelson, Erin Carlson are my DREAM production team, I hope you are ready to do this again in a year!!!  ALL of you parents who worked endless hours sewing, building, creating, painting, child-sitting, candy and water buying...the list goes on and on.. To many to name, but, know you are ALL more then appreciated!!! It has been an amazing adventure going through our Annie production together...  

It is my belief that if you set the bar higher then high, kids -no matter what age- will "always" meet that expectation.  And your children have far exceeded what I expected of them...  If you haven't watched any of our rehearsals, you are in for a gigantic surprise!!!  THEY ARE AWESOME!!! Our set is amazing.... Our props are amazing.... Our SHOW is amazing!!!!
Thanks for making our first after school 3/4th grade musical such an awesome experience and memory for these kids....

OK... THIS WEEK (our final week)...
Some of our kids didn't have make up on!!??!!  MONDAY NIGHT EVERYONE NEEDS MAKEUP (except boys)... ALL HAIR AND ALL MAKEUP NEEDS TO BE DONE BEFORE the kids come to the show!!! Thanks guys!!!

$15 for 1st DVD, $10 any additional DVD
If you haven't ordered your DVD's yet, you have all next week to order...
Our videographer will be coming to film Wed-Sat. This is unheard of... I have videographers come one night maybe two, but Jason isn't charging us any extra for filming two casts and is coming two different nights per cast.  He is really amazing...  
He will be getting some full stage angles and some close up angles.  He is AMAZING people..  
I have the envelope in my room to collect the checks... Make checks out to Jason McFarland... 
Or go to  If you are paying with credit card, make sure you copy me on the confirmation email so I know who ordered DVD's and how many!!
To pay with your credit card go to   
1) click "send money"
2) type in his email address: 
3) enter $15.00
4) highlight  "I'm paying for goods or services"
5) click continue... and follow instructions until you are Finished!!! 

Teresa and will be organizing a cast party  It will be taking place a couple weeks after the show... We hope everyone can make it!!!  Details to follow on this one!!

 What time do your kids need to be to the school on show nights??

5:15     ALL KIDS WITH MIC's 1-9 at the beginning of the show 

5:30     EVERYONE ELSE!!

After the show I need all 9 mics back please!!! ALSO REMEMBER WE ARE SHARING BLOOMERS, NIGHTGOWNS and SERVANTS STUFF... PLEASE please please make sure your kids do NOT take these items home or the other cast will not have what they need for their performances!!!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yesterday's rehearsal with cast B went AMAZING!!!! It was 1000% because we had three parents back stage... It is absolutely necessary to have two parents helping back stage with rehearsal.  No one has signed up yet... I know it is a loooong time away from your other kids and household however, I would greatly appreciate the help.  If I can put a parent on a specific job, the rehearsal will be AMAZING!!!

It frees up me up to direct from the floor, and Teresa and Nikki to concentrate on set changes, mic changes and getting our kids in place at the correct time!!!!!

Hopefully we can get a couple of our amazing parents signed up to help at not only rehearsals, but during the shows!!!!  Also some of the shows I've worked in the past, parents have been backstage during the OTHER cast  performances so they could sit in the audience on their kids' performance night.... Just an idea...

Just click the top link on the right!!!!  Volunteer opportunities!!!

Thanks everyone!!!' And thanks to the three amazing parents who helped tonight!!!!! Woo Hoo so happy !!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cast B is tonight!!! Woo Hoo

Both cast parents..

Backstage is chaotic and crazy!!!!!! 
This is a quick email requesting back stage help not just during rehearsal but during our performances....... I need two to  four STRICT parents back stage with cast B tonight, and every night. Same goes fir cast A!!! There will be two scripts for all volunteers to look at... In order for Nikki Teresa and I to change mics and make effective scene changes, we someone on the kids, telling them where to go, reminding them to get their prop etc...

Help!!!   I mean thus us a legitimate SOS call my friends!!!!!!

Teresa and I will direct you further once you are at rehearsal. 


Also I had hop put pizza on the snack list for we'd and Thursday.  There us no tine to eat during these rehearsals.  I will
Have snacks on a table. They can pick through them through out rehearsal as long as they don't litter and are on stage with props at the correct time!!! 

Let me know.  Hope. Take off pizza. Add snacks .. And please please please add 4 spits for nightly parent volunteers starting TONNIGHT through the show!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

WOW What a rehearsal yesterday!!!!

Cast "A"  has run through their show COMPLETELY "two" times!!!  Awesome job guys!!! Next week will be gravy!!

Cast "B" has made it through 3/4 of their show twice.  This is because some of the kids are still having a hard time with their lines and their cues... What is a cue line?  Someone elses line "before" your line.  Some of the kids don't know when to come in.  But once I say the first word of their line, they will immediately recite their entire part....  I am going to email each parent specifically on these students... 

Both casts had an amazing rehearsal today.. Their characters are RIDICULOUS!! SO GOOD!!!  I love watching them act!! I love watching them sing!!  I JUST LOVE BOTH CASTS!!!  I literally cannot believe I am directing these kids... I've directed professional theater with a few kids, high school theater, junior high school theater, but never 3rd and 4th graders.. Best experience ever!!!  Think of how prepared they will be once they choose to do this in junior high or high school??!!  LOVING THIS!!

BOTH CASTS ARE REALLY DOING WELL!! You are going to be amazed at their talent, especially considering we have only had a handful of rehearsals... with a double cast, I have only been able to work with each cast "1 hour 15 minutes every week and with all of the breaks we've had, it has been only about 10-12 rehearsals.. This is a MIRACLE that they are able to accomplish this production!!

It is SOOO fun to watch them... I literally CANNOT WAIT until you see their performances!!!  I have butterflies just thinking about opening nights... Hard to think that two weeks from tonight, this show will be over :(  boo hoo hoo!!! (What will fill my Thursday afternoon void??? Guess it's time to put together a Summer Theater BootCamp!!??!! ha ha)

WEDNESDAY after 10:30, we take full control of the stage...  Meaning, there are no more assemblies until our show is over so we have permission to 1) black out the walls 2) hang our backwall 3) hang our mics 4) Set up the entire sound system, and the list goes on......   After Rehearsal on Wednesday or during school Thursday or Friday is when we will be taping up the black poster paper to the side walls and hanging our backdrops... 

Unless you have already spoken to me about missing rehearsal next week (Byer and Hoge) EVERYONE should be to their specific rehearsals!!! (Harpers hopefully Melissa can make Monday AND Tuesday rehearsal this week?)
What is a Full Tech Rehearsal? This means the spotlight tech will be present (Aaron Wilcox), our sound technician and assistant will be there (Greg Watts and Gabee Snarr), EVERY prop and set piece will be present (if you signed up for something and haven't brought it, please bring it), We block the curtain call, etc.. and we run the show start to finish as many times as we can...

SATURDAY March 8th......

Since we don't have professional lighting on the stage, I am "NOT" requiring our boys to wear makeup... Just so you are all aware, NORMALLY even the guys would wear foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara.  This is to help audience members WAY up in a balcony or in the back row on the floor, see facial features on every character when those spots and gel lights hit them.... Our amazing flourescent lights would just make the boys look like drag queens ha ha..
GIRLS HOWEVER are a different story.
MAKEUP REQUIREMENTS for Saturday March 8th AND ALL SHOWS:This is based on our flourescent lighting.. It would be a little different if we had professional lighting :)
Foundation- Shade darker than skin tone
Blush-brownish/natural looking 
Brown or Black eyeliner
Mascara (not heavy, just to color the lashes)
**Dirt Smudges ALL ORPHANS NEED DIRT EXCEPT ANNIE (there isn't enough time to make her "pretty" and remove the dirt)
Dirt smudges is done with dark brown eyeshadow ... (here is a tutorial, however, I do NOT want it as dark as her cheek, but it teaches you how to do dirt smudges )

crooked pigtails
low pigtails with baseball hat (if using a baseball hat it needs to be bobbypinned on!!)
messy ponytail in back with a few strands out of pony
pigtail braids
crooked pigtails
Messy high pigtails or ponytail
Betty-crooked pigtails
Simply wear hair down but messy

*** Hair does not have to be perfect!! I am going for a "messy orphan" look!!

Hair and Makeup: She would wear pretty intense makeup.  Obviously she does "not" go for the natural look. You could even pencil on eyebrows, bright lips and cheeks and kinda messy eye makeup... Attached some pictures for reference.. These are for reference only.  You decide what you want to do with your hannigan.. EVERYTHING you come up will be perfect, I promise.. I have been Hannigan 3 times in my life and every time I've created a new look.. Have FUN with this one!!

Hair and Makeup: Grace is ELEGANT, put together, classy, graceful.  Her makeup is exactly as you would put your make if you were going out to the opera.  foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner and BLACK mascara.. Lots of Mascara.. I want her eyes to pop on stage!! Her hair can be up or down as long as it is "perfectly in place".  I've attached pictures for reference.    

Hair and Makeup: Makeup is heavier then normal every day makeup. She is very trashy looking... Blue / Pink Eyeshadow.  HEAVY black eyeliner and THICK mascara.  Heavy blush. Red lipstick.  When she changes into Mudge, Red lipstick should be replaced with a natural lipstick and her blush should be rubbed into her checks with her hands, so it almost disappears.. eye makeup will stay the same for both characters.  
Her Hair should be curly curly curly for the Lily portion of the musical, then put in a low, top of neck bun with an old hat or drab scarf for Mrs. Mudge.  Miss Nikki, Teresa and I will ALL be back stage to help throw Lily's hair into a bun during the show... Make sure to send Lily with her own natural lipstick. We will keep it in my desk throughout the production so no one else can touch it and we know exactly where it is at all times!!!  Also send bobby pins.. I have a ton, but, in case I forget or they get all used up, make sure you are prepared with bobbypins.

Hair and Makeup:   Their makeup is exactly as you would put your own makeup on if you were going out to the opera.  foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner and BLACK mascara..  Hair: Should be well kept, like a low bun around the neck..  If not long enough for a bun, then straightened.. A maid wouldn't have curly hair..   Boylyn Sisters... You all have your dresses (if you were at rehearsal on Saturday).  If you want to get a headband at all a dollar and add feathers or something to match your dress with white, red and black feathers, that would be AWESOME!! This would dress up your head and not bring attention to the fact that you are all servants!!  You will NOT be on stage during the mansion scene that turns into the radio scene so you can change into your dresses.. however, after your scene, you literally have 2 minutes to change back into your servants outfit... This is a FAST change... We will go over it on Monday!!

MARCH 3 monday 
CAST A3:00-6:00
Snacks to be set up and ready to eat at 4:45

MARCH 4 tuesday 
CAST B3:00-6:00 
Snacks to be set up and ready to eat at 4:45

MARCH 5 wednesday 
CAST A1:15-4:15
Snacks to be set up and ready to eat at 3:00

MARCH 6 thursday 
CAST B3:00-6:00
Snacks to be set up and ready to eat at 4:45

CAST A 10:00-1:30
Pizza delivered and ready to eat at 11:45
CAST B 2:30-5:30
Pizza delivered and ready to eat at 3:45